3 financial mistakes to avoid in divorce

Divorce is, without a doubt, emotionally taxing and full of difficulty, and the financial aspect of the process may quickly take center stage.  The wrong move now could negatively impact your financial security for years into the future. While everybody makes...

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Have you considered a collaborative divorce?

When couples decide to end their marriage, it can often lead to a highly contentious and emotionally draining process. However, there are alternative approaches that can help minimize conflict and create a more amicable separation. One such approach is collaborative...

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Can your spouse kick you out of the house? 

You will sometimes find people who say that their spouse kicked them out when they were going through a divorce. Perhaps their spouse came home and handed them the divorce papers, asked them to sign and told them to start looking for another place to live. That person...

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3 benefits of divorce when you have kids

Parents who divorce often fear their actions will negatively affect their children. Many parents fear a divorce will cause their children permanent psychological issues like depression, PTSD or anxiety. Your child isn’t guaranteed to experience any harmful effects...

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The definition of uncontested divorce

Texan couples who have decided to get a divorce will be looking at two distinct categories that their divorce could fall under: contested and uncontested. To be considered an uncontested divorce, it must hit certain criteria that can be somewhat difficult for many...

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