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Do not forget to address these post-divorce matters

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | divorce

Finalizing a divorce marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Whether you are hesitant about this transition or eager to move forward, there can be several matters that you must still address after separation and before the divorce.

Some common pre- and post-divorce matters include:

  1. Changing your name– Changing your name after divorce is not necessarily as simple as filling out a form. You will also need to get a new driver’s license, Social Security card and passport. You may need to change the contact information on memberships and companies that send you bills. Updating your professional contact details can also be necessary.
  2. Updating your estate plan and beneficiaries – The chances are good that you do not want your ex-spouse to be making decisions on your behalf or in a position to receive property in the event of incapacity or death. To ensure neither of these things happen, you should update your estate plan after divorce.
  3. Filing taxes properly – The next time you file your taxes, you will likely be doing so differently than when you were married. Divorce affects your filing status, dependents and income, meaning you may need more help with post-divorce tax filings.
  4. Complying with custody orders – Although your marriage is over, your role as a parent never ends. Custody is determined by what is in the best interest of the child and parents must comply with a custody order. If disputes arise, the parents must work to resolve them. If circumstances change, then they might need to modify the existing custody order to correspond with the demands of the parents and child.
  5. Making support payments – If you pay child and/or spousal support, making these payments on time and in full is crucial. If you fall behind or do not pay at all, the Court can impose harsh enforcement actions, including contempt charges and in some cases, incarceration.

Getting help after a divorce

You do not have to go through a divorce and child custody action alone. Your attorney can help guide you through legal issues and assist you in complying with court orders. An accountant or tax professional can help you with your new financial status. Therapists and support groups can help you confront any personal issues with which you might be struggling.

Whatever your outlook on life after divorce might be, tackling these issues with help can make the road ahead much smoother.  For more information or to talk to a Quinn Law Firm attorney that can readily assist you in your divorce, child custody and support case, call us at 814-806-2518.

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