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4 issues to consider when making a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | divorce

Co-parenting offers numerous benefits, including the kids spending time with both parents and the parents maintaining healthy relationships with the children. A detailed parenting plan that outlines the responsibilities of each parent and how they will raise the kids in two homes can make this attainable.

Here are four issues to consider when making a parenting plan:

Parenting schedule

Will one of you be with the kids on the weekends, or do you want to split weekdays as well? Are the kids old enough to visit, or will the non-custodial parent visit them in the family home? Will the parent with the kids drop them off at the other’s house, or will you have a meeting point for exchange?

These questions should be answered in-depth in your parenting plan to avoid misunderstandings. You should stick to your schedules and inform each other earlier of necessary changes.

Holidays and special dates

Besides allocating days of the week, you should consider holidays and special dates. List all holidays of the year and determine who will be with kids. You should also take special dates into account, including birthdays and other special occasions for the family.


Your parenting plan should specify the amount of time each parent gets to take the kids on vacation. You should also include information regarding how to plan for trips, how to finance them and so on.

Communication plan

Communication is vital in co-parenting. You and the other parent should agree on the communication channels to use and how to contact each other during emergencies and then include this information in the parenting plan. When your kids start moving between two homes, a structured communication plan can make your work more manageable.

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