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March 2018 Archives

Is joint custody good for my child?

It is becoming an increasingly popular trend in both Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States to award joint custody to parents. This is because the courts usually see it as beneficial for a child to have good relationships with both parents.

B Corps and Consumer Products: What Do All Those Symbols Mean?

SnipImage.jpgYou have probably noticed plenty of symbols and certifications on consumer products when you are shopping. If not, next time you are at the grocery store, pick up that box of organic cereal or perhaps the dish washing soap from Seventh Generation. View image

What are some of the advantages of mediation and a collaborative divorce?

The day that you and your spouse plan to split up is drawing ever closer. You have been looking into your divorce options, and you're interested in mediation. You want to know what advantages it holds over going to court.

Thinking about starting a business? Here's some food for thought.

No one needs to remind you that starting a business is a much larger commitment than a regular full-time job. There is a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete before opening day, an event that just introduces a whole new set of tasks and challenges.

Negotiating plea bargains as a defendant

A plea bargain is something that is quite unique to the United States court system, and in addition, it accounts for around 90 percent of all cases in criminal courts. If you are a defendant in a criminal court case, it is very important that you understand how plea bargains work so that you are empowered to make the best decision for you.

The unintended consequences of incentive trusts

An incentive trust may help you ensure that your heirs act responsibly after you pass away. For instance, popular sought-after behavior includes things like getting a job, starting a company or graduating from school. Others involve family, as the trust could pay out extra if the heir gets married or has kids.