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Pennsylvania Bar Association promotes grandparent custody rights

Typically, newer laws that get widespread media attention tend to revolve around driving or employment. Since plenty of people in the state drive and have jobs, the government pays for advertisements to make sure everyone is aware of newer bills meant to improve the safety of the state.

For the first half of October, the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) and multiple other county bar associations of the state took an unorthodox approach and chose to promote a newer law that took effect in the summer revolving around grandparent custody. They want more people to be aware of the law change so more can take action in ensuring children a proper home.

Am I filing for personal or corporate bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy may sound like a dirty word, but it can mean a new beginning if it used correctly to settle debts or reoganize your finances. Both individuals and companies can file for bankruptcy, and understanding the differences can make it easier to know how to pursue it as a correction to dire financial straits.

What's the difference between personal and corporate bankruptcy?

Don't fall victim to debt relief scams

It is widely known that many of our nation's citizens struggle daily with insurmountable debt. In most cases, these people did nothing wrong. Life circumstances and sometimes even bad luck may contribute to financial difficulties. They may have lost a job or had to shut down a struggling business. However, once debt occurs, we all know that the right help is critical to overcoming the hardships created by high amounts of debt.

While bankruptcy is a valid and typically effective option, most people try to avoid this solution. During our years of serving Pennsylvania residents, we have seen far too many fall prey to scams revolving around debt relief. Even when it sounds too good to be true, some people need relief so badly that they convince themselves that the program is both reputable and effective.

What types of damages can you recover after a car accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania, it is likely that you suffered damages of some sort. There is almost always a certain amount of damage to the vehicle itself, and if you're lucky, that's all.  Unfortunately, there are often physical and emotional damages too, not to mention other things, such as lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses. 

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important that you understand what types of damages you can reasonably expect to recover before you consider a settlement.  These are generally broken down into two major categories:  Special Damages and General (or Compensatory) damages.

The right to defend yourself against domestic assault charges

It may surprise you to learn that many Pennsylvania residents accused of criminal domestic assault or violence do little to mount a criminal defense. Occasionally, this might happen because the defendant did commit the crime and feels guilty. Other times, no unlawful activity occurred, but the defendant still feels as if they don't deserve a defense.

Domestic relationships are sometimes so complicated and volatile that all involved parties suffer in some way. For example, extreme emotion can make a person lash out towards a loved one in a violent manner. Other times, the same emotion can cause a person to make false claims of domestic violence against a person they love.

Clearing credit card debt doesn't need to be stressful

Many people dread receiving their credit card bills each month for fear of the interest and various fees that they will have to pay. Accumulating debts on credit cards has become a common problem in the state of Pennsylvania, and it is not a good habit to have, since the interest can be a source of additional debt and higher payments.

If you are struggling with debts on multiple credit cards and don't know how to deal with the problem, it is a good idea to learn more about personal finance so that you can put some solid strategies in place.

A new baby highlights the importance of estate planning

Young couples tend to put estate planning conversations on the back burner. It is uncomfortable to contemplate our mortality. Additionally, because younger couples have fewer assets, they may believe that they do not even need an estate plan.

Now that you have a new baby, it is time to begin thinking seriously about how to protect your child in case anything happens to you or your spouse. Perhaps the best way to do so is with a comprehensive estate plan.

Pennsylvania joins other states using collaborative law

Anyone who has been through a divorce can testify that it's one of life's most difficult challenges. Spouses can end up in bitter disputes even when their feelings remain cordial if not romantic. Parents can get so wrapped up in trying to start a new life that it's easy to forget the most vulnerable victims of the end of a marriage.

Child custody can become the most serious issue in divorce proceedings, as everyone involved will have strong feelings about it. Standard family law usually sees these decisions made by a judge considering the best interests of children. Pennsylvania has just received a new way to solve this and many other problems posed by divorce.

Nothing is more important to consider than your kids when divorcing

As family law attorneys that have served Erie residents for many years, we know how important family is to Pennsylvania parents. Children are everything and nothing is more important than protecting their physical, mental and emotional well-being. When divorce enters the picture, many parents wonder how such a life event will affect their kids and if their children can emerge from the experience without any undue suffering.

Many of our attorneys are also parents and we have the same concerns about our children that you have about yours. This, combined with our divorce experience, has given us some insight into protecting the best interests of children through any family law proceeding. For example, we know that child custody and child support disputes are often the most stressful for parents who both feel responsible for the welfare of their children. Unfortunately, this stress can work against concerned parents by trickling down to the kids and making them feel anxious as well.

Car accident forces man to jump off a 50-foot bridge

A dramatic car accident put a man in the hospital after police say that he had to jump off of a 50-foot bridge to avoid getting hit.

The accident happened in Maryland, near Washington D.C. It took place on Sunday, Aug. 26. One of the men involved in the accident, however, is from Dallastown, Pennsylvania.

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