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How hiring a bulldog lawyer can affect your current relationships

Divorces are the most popular cases in which either side may hire a “bulldog” attorney in Pennsylvania. These lawyers are known for being overly aggressive in the courtroom in their attempts to get as much out of the settlement as possible for their clients. Since divorces arguably have some of the most emotionally driven cases, you often see many of them practice family law.

However, bulldog attorneys are known for being more harmful than helpful in a case. Their rude behavior and poor conduct can lead to several penalties, which could lead the court to favor your ex over you as they determine the asset division. Unfortunately, this bad legal representation can also cause several repercussions with your family and social life going forward.

Is the litigation tide turning against Johnson & Johnson in product liability cases?

Our website stresses what we think is an obvious point concerning consumer goods. Our team of product liability attorneys states that, "Manufacturers, merchants and installers of products are expected to take reasonable precautions to protect people who will buy and use those products."

Sadly, that doesn't always happen. And when it doesn't, things can go terribly wrong for good-faith consumers.

Notable and disturbing trend: spiking PA pedestrian fatalities

Anyone involved in a vehicle crash is instantly vulnerable, of course, but one demographic is especially at risk of a catastrophic injury or even fatal outcome.

That group is the walking public. We duly stress on our website that, "Pedestrians have little chance of walking away from a motor vehicle accident unscathed."

How might a revocable trust promote estate planning interests?

We mentioned revocable trusts in a recent blog post, and also spotlight them on a relevant estate planning page of our website at Quinn Law Firm. We note therein their value as flexible legal instruments enabling a creator (sometimes called a trustor or settlor) to exercise broad powers of control, which can be key in the planning process.

A recent Forbes article rightly notes that a revocable trust "is only one tool of many to craft a proper estate plan." Effective planning strategies often embrace multiple documents with varied - though interrelated - purposes. Those include a will and a health care power of attorney and living will addressing health care and end-of-life matters. They feature, too, a durable power of attorney appointing a third party to make legal and financial decisions in the event of a planner's incapacity, and additional documents.

The great utility of trusts for many Pennsylvania estate planners

One of the enduring myths attached to estate planning is that the creation of a sound legal strategy concerning the future is most relevant to well-heeled and comparatively older individuals and families.

In fact, a well-tailored and timely updated estate plan makes strong sense for a planner in virtually every instance. We duly note at the Quinn Law Firm that "everyone needs estate planning."

Avoiding probate does not mean avoiding taxes

Estate planning is a complicated process, and writing a last will and testament alone can create some tension and make people want to put the process off. But every day without a plan for passing on property and assets puts undue risk on family, friends and benevolent organizations that deserve our care.

One alternative to a plan for turning assets into inheritances is avoiding probate, which is the legal process through which the assets of a deceased person legally become another person's property. This can be accomplished by transferring assets to people during the owner's lifetime and by making accounts "payable on death" to a beneficiary or joint signatory.

Common places for aggravated assault arrests

Plenty of Pennsylvanians have seen their fair share of brawls. One incident could lead to another until the police show up to arrest one or both of the fighters. According to the FBI, Pennsylvania had over 20,000 aggravated assault cases in 2016, which was the 8th highest amount in the nation. While it may not have one of the highest rates due to the state’s large population, it does still demonstrate that a significant amount of people face aggravated assault charges annually.

One major factor in aggravated assault cases is where the attack ultimately took place. This is very important information due to how much surrounding evidence can prove the defendant’s innocence or guilt or how much the setting would ultimately influence the attack. Those facing potential charges need to keep these in mind when preparing their defense.

Pennsylvania lawmaker moves to legalize marijuana

A Pennsylvania legislator has introduced a bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults. The proposed legislation (HB 50), which would amend the state's Medical Marijuana Act, has 26 co-sponsors, as well as supporters in the Senate.

The bill's sponsor, Representative Jake Wheatley, the Democratic representative from the 19th District around Pittsburgh, says it is "a bold call to move Pennsylvania onto the right side of history and into the 21st century." The proposal comes as nearby states like New Jersey and New York are taking steps to legalize marijuana.

The different types of assault charges in Pennsylvania

If you have been accused of assault, the consequences that you face will depend largely on the type of assault you were accused of and the circumstances surrounding the alleged event. In order to defend yourself successfully, it is important that you first take the time to understand how the crime is prosecuted.

There are two main types of assault that are recognized in Pennsylvania. These are referred to as simple assault and aggravated assault. These acts are quite different from each other, and therefore, they lead to very different consequences.

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