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Understanding fault in automobile accidents

When you are involved in an automobile accident or incident, it can often be very difficult to decipher who is to blame. When an injury has occurred, the protocol is to get in touch with your insurance company so that they can look into what happened and where the fault lies. However, unfortunately, you as the driver may not always agree with their findings.

As a driver it is important that you equip yourself with all of the necessary information so that you understand your rights, as well as how fault is determined. This blog will look into the different types of fault in a car accident.

My new car is faulty: What can I do?

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, and you will have had high hopes about finally making the purchase. However, what if, after you bought it, and the found that something doesn't feel right? Perhaps the brakes are not as effective as they should be, there is a strange smell or sound when driving or the paint job is not up to the standard that it should be at.

The answer is that you will first need to qualify your car as a "lemon." If this is legally true, then you will have grounds for protection under consumer protection laws.

Getting married again? Is it time to think about a prenup?

For many people, getting married again is a tough decision. While you love your new partner, you may still have negative feelings about marriage in general due to your previous divorce.

A prolonged, bitter divorce can turn many people off from marriage entirely. At a later age, you may also be more protective of your assets and want to make sure they remain with you and your children, just in case another divorce happens. That is why it may be time to start thinking about negotiating a prenuptial agreement with your new partner.

Whiteout causes 6-vehicle crash with 3 injuries

A whiteout swept down on Interstate 78 on Jan. 17, 2018. Traffic began to slow down, eventually coming to a stop. This happened right around 11 a.m.

Unfortunately for those who had stopped, a semitruck with a flatbed trailer came barreling up behind the idling cars and just could not stop in time in those conditions.

How do the courts decide on child custody cases?

Deciding on child custody cases can be a complex process; however, there is one clear standard that all judges abide to. This is that all child custody cases must rule in the best interests of the child in question. Therefore, there are a great deal of investigative processes that can occur to ensure that this standard is being kept.

This standard goal sounds quite simple; however, there are many complex factors that must be considered to ensure that all rulings are done in the best interests of the child. The following are some of the most important factors that are taken into consideration.

How are child support payments calculated?

For divorcing parents, a primary concern may be the cost of child support. In Pennsylvania, child support is a source of income for many families. Over half a million children are recorded on the state’s child support caseload records and in the 2014 fiscal year, the Pennsylvania Child Support Program (PCSP) collected and distributed $1.3 billion in child support. The average amount of a child support payment in Pennsylvania is $421 per month, which is slightly lower than the national average of $481 per month.


Alternatives to Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the type of bankruptcy that most debtors qualify for most easily, but it is not always the only option that a debtor has. Depending on several factors such as the nature of the debt and the income of the debtor, he or she may qualify for Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies, for instance.

If a debtor carries debt as part of a business, then he or she may have grounds to file under Chapter 11. This bankruptcy focuses on offering certain types of businesses streamlined debt relief procedures and creating important protections and benefits for small businesses. In many cases, the entity seeking bankruptcy can propose a repayment plan to its creditors that helps the business restructure its debt or pay it down over a beneficial time period.

Make an estate plan check-up a resolution for 2018

Happy New Year! It's time to look ahead to a new year with all of the new challenges and opportunities it brings. It's also a time to think back about the year that was and how we've changed over the last 365 days.

It's when looking back on 2017 that you may realize your life has changed quite a bit, whether for better or worse, and your estate plan should reflect that. Many people don't realize how important it is that their estate plans remain as up-to-date as possible. Making sure your estate plan reflects the current state of your assets and your wishes will reduce the possibility for ambiguity and conflict and provide ongoing peace of mind to both you and your beneficiaries.

What is a third-party special needs trust?

When it comes to planning your wealth and taking care of all family members, it is essential that you look into all options fully. If you have a child that has a severe illness or disability for example, you may want to set up a trust that can help to support them with everything that they need. In desiring this, you may want to set up a special needs trust.

However, creating a typical special needs trust can create some disadvantages for your beneficiary. For example, if your child receives disability benefits, then having a trust in their name could disqualify them from these benefits. In order to prevent this problem from occurring, you can decide to create a third-party special needs trust instead.

Settling a car accident claim in Pennsylvania

Being involved in a car crash can be a very stressful situation to be in, and you may wonder where to start when it comes to filing a claim and getting justice for the traumatic experience that you went through.

When you are involved in a car crash in Pennsylvania, if a person was injured, the police were involved or if there was significant damage to property, then you will need to fill in an accident report with the Department of Transportation in Pennsylvania (PennDOT).