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3 forms of evidence that strengthen most car accident claims

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2024 | Personal Injury

The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can go beyond just your physical recovery. Like so many others, you may face substantial financial burdens after a crash that results in severe injuries. Accident-related medical bills and lost wages are two examples to consider.

A well-supported personal injury claim can help you manage these hardships, and strong evidence can maximize your compensation. Here are a few things you can do.

Capture the scene

Visual evidence like photos and videos can depict the accident and your injuries. Images of the scene, including vehicle damage and surrounding areas, can support your version of events. If there are security cameras on nearby buildings or homes, footage can provide valuable visual evidence.

Leverage witness testimony

People who witnessed the accident may be crucial allies. Their firsthand accounts can corroborate your story and potentially pinpoint who caused the collision. It’s important to find anyone who witnessed the event.

Document your medical journey

Collect medical records and bills detailing the extent of your injuries and their financial impact. Medical evidence is particularly vital for long-term, severe and disabling injuries. Documentation outlining your prognosis and treatment plan might qualify you for pain and suffering damages under Pennsylvania injury compensation laws.

Now, put it all together

When armed with a trail of evidence that supports your account of events, your odds of getting the compensation you deserve can improve substantially. Since the outcome of your vehicle accident claim can impact your post-accident physical condition and finances, do not discount the many benefits of experienced legal representation.

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