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June 2018 Archives

Ambulance gets into accident while transporting previous accident victim

What are your odds of getting in a car accident in Pennsylvania? What are the odds of being involved in two accidents on the same evening? If you think they are very slim, you're right, but that's exactly what happened to one person on May 12.

What are some estate-planning options for spendthrift heirs?

Parents, grandparents and others with heirs who have less-than-stellar fiscal aptitudes face additional estate-planning challenges. On the one hand, they want to provide these heirs with financial resources. But on the other, they want to ensure that any bequests don't become a loved one's undoing.

Yes, you can still get credit after bankruptcy

Living under the crushing weight of debt is an emotionally (and even physically) draining experience. And the more the debt grows, the harder it gets to escape it. Filing for bankruptcy protection is one way that many people struggling with debt get their financial houses back in order.

Who is liable when a drunk driver causes a multiple car crash?

In late March, a drunk driver caused a three-car accident in Erie, resulting in several serious injuries requiring hospitalization. The crash serves as yet another notice of the dangers intoxicated and distracted drivers cause on our streets and highways.

Four tips if you are expecting a child custody battle

Child custody battles often happen when parents cannot agree and will not accept a compromise. For instance, both parents want sole custody, and neither one will agree to a joint custody plan that keeps them both involved. In the end, the court will likely have to rule to decide where the kids will live.

Have You Considered a Pet Trust When Setting Up Your Estate Planning?

If you are a loving owner of a cherished pet, it's likely that you have already worried about what might happen to Fido or Fluffy after you're gone. Companion animals provide their owners with unconditional love and devotion, so it's only natural that pet owners would want to ensure their pets are cared for.