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Car Hits Ice Cream Shop and Injures Three

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury

A car in Warminster, Pennsylvania, smashed into a local ice cream shop. The accident happened on Friday, June 1.

That’s a prime time for business at an ice cream shop on the first Friday of June. Families and children flock to these shops all summer long, out for a night of fun and relaxation. It’s a staple of summer culture in the United States.

For those in this particular shop, that night of fun ended violently as the car crashed into numerous vehicles parked in the lot out front, then slammed into the shop itself. Some of those struck by the out-of-control vehicle were children.

Pictures show the car flipped up on its roof in the parking lot. One woman was nearly run over with her son, who is just three years old.

Three people were rushed to a local medical center. Though they were injured, they are expected to survive. The driver of the vehicle got trapped in it after the wreck. Firefighters had to come to the crash scene to get that driver out.

Officials said that they don’t think the crash was deliberate, but that it was simply an unfortunate accident.

No matter where you go with your children, there is always a risk. Few things feel as safe and carefree as an ice cream shop in the summer, but people in that situation still wound up in the hospital. When someone else’s negligence causes injuries to you or your kids, it’s essential to be sure that you fully understand all of the legal options you have for seeking financial compensation.  If you or someone you know has been injured in any type of accident, contact the Quinn Law Firm for a free consultation on your case.  We can be reached at 814-806-2518.

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