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July 2018 Archives

Can you protect your autistic child with a special needs trust?

Having an autistic child can change many of your plans for life. Decisions about everything from where you live to how you approach family meals may have to change. Once you adjust your expectations for the needs of your child, living with an autistic son or daughter can be a beautiful thing.

When is it time to change a custody and visitation order?

A custody and visitation order is an essential part of your family life after a separation or divorce. The matter is challenging and delicate. Finalizing the agreement was no easy feat: It took time, serious consideration and compromise from both you and the other parent.

Drinking and boating in Pennsylvania

The summer boating season is in full swing, and the state of Pennsylvania offers a variety of lakes that are key spots for recreation and relaxation, including Lake Erie. But the enjoyment can abruptly come to an end if your boat gets pulled over or you find yourself in an accident.

Tips to help you ask your parents about a will

Talking about a Will is tough. Your parents may not want you to bring it up because they simply feel uncomfortable talking about the end of their lives. You may feel nervous about asking because you do not want to sound like you just want to know more about your possible inheritance.