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Three Examples of Parenting Time Interference

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Family Law, Firm News

Your ex must abide by the parenting plan and custody agreement that you get in a divorce. These days, courts tend to favor joint custody, so it is likely that the two of you share time with your children.

When your ex refuses to cooperate with the agreement and infringes on your rights, it is known as parenting time interference. Three examples include:

  • Refusing to drop the child off with you in accordance with the schedule. For instance, perhaps you and your ex exchange the child every Saturday, and you both get a week. Your ex may refuse to drop the child off until a later date or never bring him or her back at all.
  • Picking the child up without first getting your permission. Perhaps you always do the exchange after school on Friday, simply by having the other parent pick the child up at the end of the day. Your ex may pick the child up early on your day to prevent you from doing so.
  • Moving so that shared custody becomes impossible. At the time of the agreement, you both still lived near each other in Pennsylvania. Your ex may then decide to move to another state, with the child, even though the court order says that doing so is not allowed. Regardless of your specific schedule, it is impossible to keep at that distance.

Has your ex interfered with your rights to see your child? If so, you must know all of the legal options you have to make sure that the custody agreement is enforced in the future.  We can help! Contact a family law attorney at the Quinn Law Firm by calling 814-806-2518 for more information.

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