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The disposition of your estate is not something that you should leave to chance. If you die without a will, your assets and possessions will be distributed according to Pennsylvania laws.

At the Quinn Law Firm of Erie, Pennsylvania, our lawyers are ready to guide you through every important and seemingly minor detail involved with crafting a comprehensive estate plan. We can provide you with peace of mind that your wishes will be respected and your assets will remain secure.

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Who Needs Estate Planning?

In short, everyone needs estate planning. Contact us today if any of the following sounds similar to your position in life and your concerns:

  • Perhaps you are recently married, just had your first child or are not married but are beginning to acquire assets.
  • Your children are growing, your career is maturing and you are interested in protecting your assets from excessive taxation should anything happen to you.
  • You are an empty nester, thinking seriously about long-term plans and the legacy you intend to leave behind through the direction of your assets.

What Do I Need?

An attorney at our firm can conduct a comprehensive review of your assets and income such as pensions and investments. We offer advice and assistance with the preparation of any of the following testamentary documents:

  • A will that includes instructions regarding guardianship of any minor children should something happen to you before they turn 18
  • A living will that will specify wishes regarding health care should you be unable to make decisions on your own
  • Powers of attorney that give someone the power to make health care or financial decisions on your behalf
  • Special needs trusts to provide for a disabled child, a cognitively disabled spouse or other family member
  • Other trusts such as revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and minors’ trusts that give you the amount of control that you want and need

Get Started Today

It’s never too early to start estate planning. Discuss your concerns and devise strategies to best express your wishes and priorities at a consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys. Send us an email or call our office in Erie today at 814-806-2518.