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Helping You Plan For Long-Term Care

You are on the edge of possible nursing home residence, thinking about how to best protect your assets and conceivably receive Medicaid or Medicare. “How will I prevent the state from taking my house?” you wonder.

Medical Assistance For Older Individuals

The idea of entering a nursing home can be overwhelming enough, even without the added questions of how you will afford it. The average cost of nursing home care in Pennsylvania is a whopping $7,235.82 per month. However, one way to alleviate the financial strain of nursing home care is through a Medicaid program in Pennsylvania called Medical Assistance.

Medical Assistance covers the cost of nursing care, bed and board, therapy, medical social services, medications and other medical services that you might need in a nursing home. To receive Medical Assistance benefits, you must qualify medically and financially.

You may be medically eligible if you require skilled care, meaning you can no longer perform necessary functions for daily life like bathing, dressing, eating and getting around. If you wish to receive care through a nursing home, a Medicare-qualified skilled nursing facility must provide it.

Financially, you may only own certain assets like a burial space, a prepaid funeral, a house, a car, a very small life insurance policy, household goods and a small amount of cash.

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