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Workers’ Compensation Representation For Employees And Employers In Erie

If you have been injured on the job in Pennsylvania, you most likely have a workers’ compensation claim. You may also have a third-party liability claim if your injury was caused or worsened by defective equipment, was an act of an at-fault delivery company, or any other person or entity besides your employer.

Contact a Quinn Law Firm workers’ compensation lawyer to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your workers’ compensation claim and any related personal injury claim or insurance matter.

Representing Injured Workers In Pennsylvania

Our attorneys are adept at assisting people injured on the job in northwest Pennsylvania. If you have applied for workers’ compensation and it has been denied, you have come to the right law firm. We understand the time sensitivity of workers’ comp appeals. We know which evidence to gather and how to present it to put our clients’ claims in the best light.

Our main focus in the representation of employees in workers’ compensation cases is to help ensure that our clients receive the medical care that they need and deserve after an on-the-job injury. We fight for these and all the benefits as prescribed by law when a client of ours is injured on the job. Our experience in handling workers’ compensation on behalf of employers and insurance companies also allows us to offer claimants the benefit of our knowledge of both points of view of a workers’ compensation claim.

Assisting Employers With Claims

Employers and insurers likewise value our balanced understanding of the workers’ compensation claims process. We aggressively represent employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies, always with an eye out for fraud and abuse that might expose them to unmerited risk.

Clients’ Rights Are Our No. 1 Priority

Whether we are representing injured workers or employers and insurance companies, we have a deeply held regard for our clients’ legal rights at every step of the process. Contact the Quinn Law Firm to schedule a consultation by calling us in Erie at 814-806-2518​ or toll free from your location at 866-641-8996.