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In light of Governor Tom Wolf’s March 19, 2020 directive curtailing many business operations during the Corona virus emergency, we are making a number of significant—but temporary—changes to the way we work for you.  As of March 20, 2020, all of our attorneys will be working remotely in order to comply with the Governor’s Order.


Although our physical office will be closed to the public, we are still here to meet your legal needs!  All methods of communication remain open, so feel free to contact us by phone (we have engaged call forwarding for our attorneys and will be monitoring voicemails as well), email, or fax, and we look forward to reopening our physical offices as soon as we are permitted to do so.


We remain committed to timely delivery of services to our clients during this extraordinary time.  We appreciate your business and understanding during the pandemic. 

Attorney Extension Email
Alaskey, Michelle A. 1018 [email protected] 
Baltz, Stacey K. 1042 [email protected]
Bolla, Lawrence C. 1044 [email protected]
Burroughs, Paul F. 1038 [email protected]
Dunn, I. John 1029 [email protected]
Fessler, John B. 1035 [email protected]
Jan Janin, Michael J. 1045 [email protected]
Joseph, George 1026 [email protected]
Kroto, Frank L., Jr. 1037 [email protected]
Kruszewski, Michael P. 1043 [email protected]
Kuhn, Thomas E. 1031 [email protected]
Larese, Melissa L. 1016 [email protected]
Lasher, Matthew W. 1046 [email protected]
Martinucci, Arthur D. 1036 [email protected]
Mikovch, Eric J. 1040 [email protected]
Quinn, John M., Jr. 1034 [email protected]
Schmidt, Andrew M. 1039 [email protected]
Snavely, Joel M. 1033 [email protected]
Stumpf, Colleen R. 1032 [email protected]
Toohey, James. F. 1025 [email protected]
Willey, Megan C. 1008 [email protected]



Our broad base of experience includes representing individuals, families and businesses from small, one-person operations to large hospitals and insurance companies. No matter what the issue or dispute is, we can help you find an effective resolution.