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Defending You Against A PFA Order

It is an unfortunate fact that domestic violence is still a problem here in Pennsylvania and across the country. However, that does not change the fact that many people also use false allegations of domestic violence to gain an advantage in family law and other disputes.

These people use a tool known in Pennsylvania as the Protection From Abuse (PFA) order. At the Quinn Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys understand the devastating effect a PFA order can have on your life. We can help you find the best resolution that discretely protects your reputation, record and freedom.

You Must Take A PFA Order Seriously

Even if the allegations against you are false, it’s important to treat this matter with the seriousness that you would treat any other criminal charge. A PFA order could mean that:

  • You cannot live in your own home
  • You cannot see your own children
  • It will be harder to keep or find a job
  • You end up spending time in jail if you violate the order

Many people think there is nothing they can do to fight a PFA order. Our lawyers have successfully helped clients have PFA orders dismissed and limited their durations so they do not place overly harsh burdens on their lives.

Get The Help You Need Today

As soon as you learn a PFA is coming or you are served with one, contact the Quinn Law Firm for help. Do not try to contact the accuser, as that could lead to serious consequences, including jail time. Our lawyers can walk you through the legal process and help you better understand your options. To schedule your consultation, call our office in Erie today at 814-806-2518 or fill out our online contact form.