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Guiding Grieving Family Members Through Estate Administration

After a death in the family, there are many details to attend to, including legal ones. Estate administration is one of those major issues that every family must confront. However, in the midst of your grief, it is understandable that you may not take the time to understand everything you need to do.

At the Quinn Law Firm in Erie, Pennsylvania, we welcome inquiries from family members from out of state, as well as families in the area, who need our help settling the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away here in northwest Pennsylvania.

Taking As Much Stress Out Of Probate As Possible

Most people hold at least some assets in ways that make probate necessary, while some handle the transfer of assets entirely through trusts. Even if your deceased family member’s assets will change hands through trusts, there may be life insurance proceeds or other assets unaccounted for in the trusts. A pour-over will may contain instructions for assets outside the trust. Our attorneys can help with:

  • Distributing assets according to the last will and testament or the terms of the trust
  • Providing proper notice to creditors and settling debts that the estate held
  • Resolving property transfers from the estate to beneficiaries, including title transfers
  • Handling all of the paperwork and making court appearances on behalf of the estate
  • Ensuring that the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return is properly prepared and filed

We make every effort to keep our estate administration services cost-effective and thorough. Our very capable paralegals are likely to assist us as we work to close your loved one’s estate efficiently. We will advise and assist family members throughout the administration process, from having a personal representative appointed to the final distributions and closing the estate. We provide timely counsel and legal services to a personal representative (executor) for your loved one’s estate. In short, our goals will always be to save you time, money and stress, allowing you to focus on your family during this difficult time.

Reach Out For Assistance Today

Entrust the estate administration of your loved one’s assets to well-established lawyers who handle Pennsylvania estates regularly. Contact the Quinn Law Firm online or call our office in Erie today at 814-806-2518 to get started.