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Fighting For The Rights Of Pedestrian Accidents Victims In Pennsylvania

Were you injured when a motor vehicle ran into you? Was a family member a victim of a hit-and-run while out jogging or walking? Pedestrians have little chance of walking away from a motor vehicle accident unscathed. If you have suffered losses because of a pedestrian accident in northwest Pennsylvania, contact the Erie-based Quinn Law Firm for compassionate and supportive legal assistance.

Providing Experienced Advocacy And Skilled Legal Counsel In Erie

Our experienced and dedicated personal injury attorneys are prepared to go to work immediately taking all the steps necessary to help ensure that you receive the full compensation that is due to you.

Our goal with each pedestrian accident case is to use every available tool at our disposal for the sake of maximizing compensation for injured people — with a clear understanding that a serious injury usually puts a family’s way of life in jeopardy. Medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses and losses all factor into the total picture of loss for a pedestrian accident victim — and typically, his or her family as well.

What Are Your Rights As An Injured Accident Victim?

When a pedestrian accident occurs as a hit-and-run and the motorist is not found, the injured pedestrian must turn to other sources of compensation other than the driver, such as his or her own family or auto policy.

You may have suffered a head injury, broken bone or other serious injury. We have valuable information on steps that you can and should take to strengthen your case, beginning with faithful follow-through on your doctor’s recommendations for treatment of your injuries. If there are eyewitnesses to the pedestrian accident, the sooner we have the opportunity to interview them, the more vivid and credible the evidence will be. We can also visit the accident scene to look for important evidence.

Contact Us Today For Help Obtaining A Full Financial Recovery

Put our law firm’s 100-plus years of experience to work on your injury case for help receiving full financial recovery. Contact a Quinn Law Firm pedestrian accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation by sending us an email or calling us locally at 814-806-2518 or toll free at 866-641-8996.

Most pedestrian accident claims are handled on a contingency basis, meaning that we are not paid unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf. However, you may incur some out-of-pocket costs as we develop your case.