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Regain Control Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Medical emergencies, the loss of a job or other difficult times can stretch your household budget pretty thin. Pretty soon, credit card debt piles up, along with unpaid doctor and utility bills.

At the Quinn Law Firm of Erie, Pennsylvania, our lawyers are here to help you get the debt relief you need. One way could be through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. This form of bankruptcy allows you to:

  • Discharge your unsecured debts like credit card bills, medical bills and small personal loans
  • Stop creditors from repossessing assets and harassing you
  • Stop garnishments of your wages and bank accounts
  • Possibly wipe out the balance of a car loan if it has been repossessed and resold

Filers can often complete a Chapter 7 filing in less than a year, allowing you to get to work rebuilding your credit and your savings. Additionally, our attorneys can help you understand how exemptions work in bankruptcy law, which often allow you to keep many of your most valued assets safe from creditors.

You must pass a means test that shows your income is low enough to qualify for a Chapter 7 filing instead of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. We can help you determine which way forward will work best for you.

Do Not Prolong The Inevitable

Many people try to put off bankruptcy because they are embarrassed to admit that they may need it. This leads to many ill-advised actions such as emptying retirement accounts to try and pay off back debts.

Your retirement savings, whether in a pension, 401(k), IRA or other investment vehicle, are safe from bankruptcy. If you pull that money out to try and pay off your debts, you may have to put off retirement. Even worse, you may still not be able to avoid bankruptcy, and your retirement savings will be gone.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Schedule a consultation at the Quinn Law Firm, where we can help you understand your options and how to return to financial stability. We have the experience to help you get through this difficult time. To learn more, contact us online or call our office in Erie today at 814-806-2518.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.