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What can you do to reduce the chance of a rear-end collision?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Personal Injury

Rear-end collisions are a common cause of injuries on the nation’s roads. Yet every day, you see hordes of drivers following each other too closely.

To avoid rear-ending someone, all you really need to do is stay far enough back and pay attention. If you get too close or let yourself be distracted by something, then you may well end up hitting them from behind.

A safe following distance

Three seconds is the minimum recommended following distance. If conditions are less than ideal, you should increase it appropriately.  That could be because you are tired, visibility is poor or the road surface is slippery, among other things.

Avoiding distraction

It is easy to get distracted, but it’s also not that hard to avoid. It just requires willpower and organization. If you tend to give in and pick up your phone every time a notification pings, put it somewhere you definitely cannot reach it or turn it off altogether.

If you tend to fiddle while driving, adjusting the seat, healing, radio or sat nav, get them sorted before setting off. The less chance of distraction there is, the less likely you are to crash into someone.

What about if someone is too close behind you?

You could try and move out of the way if a driver is following you too closely, and you can make sure you give plenty of notice before braking or maneuvering (where possible). If they end up hitting you anyway, you can call Quinn Law at (814) 833-2222 and seek help to hold them responsible.

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