3 things you should never do during a DUI stop

Not many things are as frightening as being stopped by the police. If you are pulled over for a DUI investigation, you only have a couple of minutes to collect yourself and encounter the police. But, do you know how you should conduct yourself during a DUI stop? It is...

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What mistakes can police make during a DUI stop?

People from all types of backgrounds make the mistake of getting behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks. They don't think they are drunk, or they believe they can still drive safely. Unfortunately, this lapse can have lasting consequences if a person winds...

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Four factors that take a DUI from bad to worse

Having a drunk driving offense on your record can be upsetting and embarrassing. It can affect your job, your driving privileges, your reputation and your freedom. Because of how disruptive these repercussions can be, people are often willing to take whatever steps...

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How can I keep a DUI from ruining the holidays?

For many people, this time of year means holiday parties, stress and family gatherings, all of which can increase the likelihood that people will be drinking. Because of this, it is a crucial time for Pennsylvanians to be especially aware of alcohol-related offenses,...

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How accurate are breath test devices?

In a recent post, we discussed some of the basic elements of a drunk driving stop in Pennsylvania. One aspect of a DUI stop is the breath test. Typically, police ask drivers to take breath tests twice: once during a stop and later at the police station, if they arrest...

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