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February 2019 Archives

Avoiding probate does not mean avoiding taxes

Estate planning is a complicated process, and writing a last will and testament alone can create some tension and make people want to put the process off. But every day without a plan for passing on property and assets puts undue risk on family, friends and benevolent organizations that deserve our care.

Common places for aggravated assault arrests

Plenty of Pennsylvanians have seen their fair share of brawls. One incident could lead to another until the police show up to arrest one or both of the fighters. According to the FBI, Pennsylvania had over 20,000 aggravated assault cases in 2016, which was the 8th highest amount in the nation. While it may not have one of the highest rates due to the state’s large population, it does still demonstrate that a significant amount of people face aggravated assault charges annually.

The different types of assault charges in Pennsylvania

If you have been accused of assault, the consequences that you face will depend largely on the type of assault you were accused of and the circumstances surrounding the alleged event. In order to defend yourself successfully, it is important that you first take the time to understand how the crime is prosecuted.

Who is at the highest risk for bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

Bankruptcy may feel like hitting rock bottom, but it has always been designed to give people a new start into financial health. Debt is a serious problem for many Americans, and states like Pennsylvania and Florida are seeing changes in the bankruptcy landscape for an unfortunate reason.

Planning for Digital Assets in Pennsylvania

Traditional estate planning has addressed how a person might leave their assets to their family and friends after their death. "My children are to receive my property but my best friend will get my dog, Daisy, and all things associated with her" a client might say. But with advancements in technology, who receives the right to access the pictures of Daisy which are stored online in the client's cloud? That result has not been are clear as advancements in technology have outpaced advancements in the law.

Why young parents should create estate plans

Raising children is said to be one of the greatest joys in life. You watch your child grow from a tiny little baby into a small person that walks and talks with opinions of his or her own. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to raise your children right. You make them eat healthy, send them to the right schools and teach them right from wrong.

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