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January 2019 Archives

The cost of a car accident may be more than you think

If you or a loved one suffered from bodily injuries after a car accident in the state of Pennsylvania, you almost certainly have had to pay medical bills in some regard. Depending on the extent of the injuries, these medical bills can mount up to extortionate costs, and professional medical care may be needed for months or years to come.

Collaborative law is now part of Pennsylvania divorce law

It is easy to feel like life is ending when it is time to seek a divorce. In some ways, life is ending; two people are looking to start plotting their own, separate paths. But the process does not have to make a mess of a caring relationship. Even spouses who no longer get along have opportunities to avoid a messy divorce process.

Is a mediated divorce right for you?

Many couples who choose to end their marriage want to do so as amicably as possible -- particularly if they are going to continue to be in each other's lives as co-parents or perhaps as business partners. They want to settle property division, support and child custody issues fairly. Even if they are still feeling some hurt and animosity from the breakdown of the marriage, they just want to get through the divorce process as expediently as possible and move on.

Answers to common questions about medical bankruptcy

Suffering from a sudden illness or injury can be debilitating from a financial perspective because it can mean that you will not be able to work for a certain amount of time, and you will lose wages as a result. In addition to this, medical services can be extremely expensive, even if you have insurance.

New Pennsylvania law seals records for some convicts

Many social observers say that criminal penalties for minor crimes have been too high for too long. The sentences for many petty offenses, especially ones connected to violence or drug use, can include years in prison. In addition, convictions or even charges alone can limit people's professional and financial options.

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