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Mother allegedly runs from accident that injures daughter, friend

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested and accused of running away from an accident scene after crashing her car. Both her daughter and her friend were injured in the crash, but she apparently left them behind.

The 43-year-old woman was driving with the two girls in western Pennsylvania when she rolled her vehicle. The crash was violent enough to throw her daughter, who did not have a seat belt on, out of the car. She injured her arm and suffered facial injuries. The friend does not appear to have been ejected, but still suffered a back injury in the crash.

The driver got out and fled, leaving the children with the smashed car. The girl with the injured back had to call her own mother, who then came to the crash site and took the pair to the hospital.

It is worth noting that the woman who allegedly ran from the scene already had a suspended license, but she was driving anyway. She is facing charges of child endangerment and for getting into an accident that caused an injury without having a valid license. On top of that, she apparently violated seven traffic laws and got citations for those violations. Her bail was set at $10,000.

According to the girls, the vehicle was going west when it left the road and went down an embankment, causing it to roll repeatedly.

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