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Friends gather to celebrate firefighter’s life after fatal crash

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Friends, former coworkers, family members and other members of the community all came together recently in Erie to celebrate the life of a firefighter who passed away in a deadly car accident.

The crash itself happened last year, but those who were close to the man felt it was time to gather again, paying their respects and celebrating the life of someone they had cared about so deeply.

The car accident not only took the firefighter’s life. His mother was killed as well. His sister was also involved. She survived, but was left with critical injuries that still impact her daily life a year later. Doctors are still doing surgeries and guiding her on the path to recovery. She was doing well enough to come to the celebration for her brother, however.

The man leaves behind two children. Part of the reason for the gathering was to sell glasses and t-shirts with the fallen firefighter’s nickname on them. The money from the sale is being set aside to help his children pay for college.

Friends and co-workers described him as a very hard-working man whom they always wanted to have by their sides. They could not believe how long he had been gone, and they cherished the memories they made with him in life. His cousin, however, said that the emotional pain of losing those family members in the accident still hasn’t faded.

This story shows some of the financial challenges faced by those involved in serious automobile accidents and by their families, from medical bills to college tuition. This is why it’s so important for people to know all of their legal options.

If you our a friend or family member have been involved a a serious automobile accident, please contact the Quinn Law Firm at 814-806-2518 for a free consultation on your rights and your options.

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