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Ambulance gets into accident while transporting previous accident victim

What are your odds of getting in a car accident in Pennsylvania? What are the odds of being involved in two accidents on the same evening? If you think they are very slim, you're right, but that's exactly what happened to one person on May 12.

Who is liable when a drunk driver causes a multiple car crash?

In late March, a drunk driver caused a three-car accident in Erie, resulting in several serious injuries requiring hospitalization. The crash serves as yet another notice of the dangers intoxicated and distracted drivers cause on our streets and highways.

Understanding fault in automobile accidents

When you are involved in an automobile accident or incident, it can often be very difficult to decipher who is to blame. When an injury has occurred, the protocol is to get in touch with your insurance company so that they can look into what happened and where the fault lies. However, unfortunately, you as the driver may not always agree with their findings.

My new car is faulty: What can I do?

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, and you will have had high hopes about finally making the purchase. However, what if, after you bought it, and the found that something doesn't feel right? Perhaps the brakes are not as effective as they should be, there is a strange smell or sound when driving or the paint job is not up to the standard that it should be at.