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Should you talk to the other driver after an accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Personal Injury

When someone hits you, different emotions may fill you, from anger to worry. However, while this is normal, it will help to stay calm and make the right moves, including talking to the other driver, if you can.

Here is what you should say to them.

Ensure they are safe

After the accident, confirm if you and the passengers in your car are safe. You should then wait a few minutes for the other driver to get out of their vehicle. If they don’t, you may approach them. 

It’s debatable whether drivers should talk after an accident, but people in the other car may need you to call the ambulance. 

Exchange information

If you and the other driver are safe and can interact, you should exchange information. This may include your names, contact details and their insurance company’s information, which you will give to your insurer. You should avoid talking to their insurer.

What you shouldn’t say

You should be careful when talking to the other driver. Anything beyond confirming safety and exchanging information may work against you. For instance, don’t discuss your injuries. Avoid using statements like: 

  • I’m okay 
  • I’m not that hurt
  • It’s just a bruise, and so on.

If they ask about your injuries, tell them you will have adequate information after a doctor examines you or a similar statement.

Further, do not say, I’m sorry” or any other apologetic statement that may imply accepting fault. You should also avoid getting into an argument with the other driver. After collecting the needed information, return to your car and wait for the police and/or ambulance.

If you are injured by another driver, you may talk to them. But you should watch what you say. It will also help to contact an attorney to avoid costly mistakes. Reach out to the Quinn Law Firm on 866-641-8996.


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