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Have you prepared a winter safety kit for your vehicle? 

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Personal Injury

As we enter the winter months, driving becomes much more hazardous. The nights and mornings are darker, and the roads can be frozen over. Throughout this period, you can adjust your driving behavior accordingly, such as slowing down and leaving a greater distance between you and other vehicles.

One thing that people often neglect is packing an emergency winter kit. This kind of thing can be invaluable if you’re ever in an accident and stranded by the side of the road for a while while waiting on help to arrive. What should this include? Here are some essentials:

Warm clothing 

If you break down or get into an accident that leaves your vehicle immobile, you’re going to need some warm clothes. It’s probably not going to be safe for you to sit in the car with the heating on, and you may need to exit the vehicle and walk to safety. 

Having a hat, scarf, gloves and winter coat will keep you warm. Make sure you bring high-visibility clothing or a high-visibility vest to put on as a top layer – even a bright orange or yellow blanket can help. This will alert other road users to your presence. 

Food and water 

You may have been on a long journey and could be stuck on the side of the road for several hours. You’re going to need energy and something for hydration. Packing snacks, such as energy bars, sandwiches and fruit can give you a much-needed boost. Having water in your kit is essential too. These are just some essentials to include in your winter safety kit. You should also bring a flashlight, blankets, a First Aid kit, jumper cables and a shovel. 

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