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Adding a trust to your estate plan: 5 types

A trust is a legal arrangement between a grantor and trustee that benefits the grantor by protecting their assets from misuse, estate taxes, probate and disputes.  There are several popular kinds of trusts. Here is what you should know: 1. Charitable trusts Could your...

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Why are pedestrian deaths rising?

Things are meant to get safer with time, not more dangerous. New technology and regulations are meant to protect people on the roads, not see more of them getting killed. So why is it that the number of pedestrians dying on our roads is going up, not down? The simple...

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5 tips for co-parents

Making the shift from being in a romantic relationship to a co-parenting relationship is a huge change. While it’s not always possible, it’s sometimes in the best interests of the children if their parents can work together. Finding ways to take some of the stress out...

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