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3 tips for co-parenting through the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | child custody

Co-parenting through the holidays can be a challenging situation. You and your ex likely want to spend the major holidays with the children, but this isn’t possible unless everyone comes together for the day or the kids split the day. 

You and your ex can make the situation easier in some ways. Taking the time to work out the holiday plans is beneficial for everyone involved. 

1. Review the established parenting schedule

If you already have a parenting time schedule, you should review it before setting plans for the holiday season. This enables you to determine precisely when you can do things with children. This might help determine what traditions you want to start now. 

2. Discuss any schedule changes that might need to happen

The parenting time schedule might not always work as stated. Family members coming in from out-of-town or special events might necessitate changes in the schedule. You and your ex should be willing to compromise to do what’s best for the children. 

3. Plan for the children’s gifts

One area where you and your ex can work as a team is gifting. If you plan gifts together, the children may get more of their wish list covered without having duplicates. Remember, the gifts should be available for the children to enjoy, so requiring them to leave what you give them at home might not be a good idea.

Having Quinn Law Firm on your side to help you get the parenting plan in order is beneficial. Contact us at 866-641-8996 to get started immediately on sorting out the holiday plans.

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