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The scariest part of Halloween? A serious accident

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

This Halloween is undoubtedly going to look different than other years. However, safety should continue to be a top priority for everyone. And this involves more than wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Every year around this time, certain hazards can be more likely to endanger people’s safety.

Common Halloween hazards

On holidays like Halloween, alcohol is often a factor in accidents. People drink and drive; they lose their balance or trip while wearing an awkward costume; they take chances with their safety. When someone is impaired by alcohol, they can cause dangerous situations for themselves and others.

The risk of accidents in the home can also be higher on Halloween. People can suffer burns and electrocution due to fire hazards like faulty holiday lights and house fires;

Walking around the neighborhood also comes with some risk. According to an analysis by the Washington Post, traffic accidents involving child pedestrians are more likely to occur on Halloween than other days. Further, slip-and-fall accidents on icy or wet floors can be possible, as are dog bites and assaults.

Protecting yourself from an accident

To avoid these hazards and have a safe Halloween, consider the following tips:

  • All pedestrians should prioritize visibility at night by wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight.
  • Drivers should be especially cautious in neighborhoods and areas where children are present.
  • Getting a ride from a sober driver can protect people from accidents and criminal charges.
  • Monitor all fires closely and extinguish them properly.
  • Dispose of any faulty electric decoration or lighting around the house.
  • Parents should talk to kids about safety rules and supervise them while trick-or-treating until they are old enough to follow them independently.
  • Being aware of your surroundings when you are out walking or at someone’s house can help you spot and avoid potential hazards.

Safety should be a priority for everyone this Halloween. And if you practice safe habits and encourage others to do so as well, you can protect yourselves from the frightful consequences of a serious accident.


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