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Family law: a much-referenced term, but what does it mean?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Family Law

The scope of so-called “family law” in Pennsylvania and nationally is well revealed by one online overview’s depiction of the subject as “a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships.”

We provide practiced and tailored representation at the established Quinn Law Firm in Erie to valued and diverse clients concerned with legal issues across a vast spectrum. In doing so, our deep attorney team knows from long experience that family-linked legal issues stand unrivaled for their sheer variety and complexity.

The bottom line: Every family is unique, which makes family law a realm of sheer variety and singular considerations owing to the above-cited relational factors.

To put that another way, family law might centrally convey one thing to a given client of our firm and something altogether different to another. Moreover, notes the above overview, “Family law often intersects with a wide range of other legal practice areas.”

The realm’s wide universe of possibilities reasonably leads many individuals and families with challenges or concerns to timely consult with proven family law counsel. A truly experienced legal team can safeguard clients’ rights and optimally promote their interests in any family-tied matter, including these commonly cited family law concerns:

  • Divorce, including linked issues ranging from custody/visitation and child/spousal support to marital asset division and more
  • Paternity and adoption
  • Domestic abuse (family violence)
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Guardianships

Those bullet points are merely representative and far from comprehensive. Questions or concerns regarding any family law issue can be directed to an empathetic legal team with a demonstrated record of advocacy helping Pennsylvania clients from all across the state.


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