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Pennsylvania parenting plan: often a key divorce-linked document

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | child custody

You likely have questions and concerns if you are a divorcing Pennsylvania spouse with growing children.

Those can be many and obvious. Where will your children live? Will one of both parents have material say concerning important matters like education, health care, religion, sports and other extracurricular activities? Where will the children stay during summer breaks and holidays? Will they have limited or liberal access to extended family members?

We know that many readers of our blogs at the established Quinn Law Firm in Erie have personally entertained such questions, and many more. Divorce for many individuals is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and loving parents want foremost for things to work out optimally for their sons and daughters.

The rationale underlying so-called “parenting plans” centrally focuses on that paramount family law goal. Valued visitors to our website and blog posts who would like to see a parenting plan template offered online by the Erie County government can access the link in the next paragraph.

That document on display readily shows the broad applicability and flexibility that parenting plans afford for divorcing Pennsylvania spouses seeking to make sound and tailored decisions regarding their children. It covers matters ranging from custody and visitation to scheduling, unanticipated adjustments and additional points.

Experienced and empathetic attorneys from a proven Erie County family law firm can provide timely and meaningful input concerning parenting plans. They also stand by their clients at all times, helping them enforce such agreements and modify them if they require adjustment in the future.

We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss parenting plans and other divorce-linked matters.


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