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Motor Vehicle Administration statistics underscore dire outcomes and growing safety challenges

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Personal Injury

Safety regulators are concerned, and for good reason: As a society, we are not improving when it comes to our driving habits.

Collectively speaking, legions of American motorists’ behind-the-wheel behaviors do not promote optimal driving outcomes.

In fact, they virtually guarantee dire consequences for others sharing the road, both in Pennsylvania and nationally.

That is made eminently clear from a ream of sad statistics recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Relevant numbers underscore these concerning roadway realities:

Here is a bit of information that immediately spotlights why safety experts, legislators, law enforcers and conscientious drivers everywhere are deeply concerned with select drivers’ negligence: NHTSA statistics point to the glaring conclusion that someone dies in the United States in an automobile-related crash about every 15 minutes – on average, every day of the year.

The nonprofit Governors Highway Safety Association notes that dire road-linked concerns extend far beyond a focus that is merely on individuals in surrounding vehicles. GHSA research highlights increasing injury risks for pedestrians as well. Reportedly, deaths for that especially vulnerable group spiked to a 28-year high last year.

Quinn Law Firm attorneys in Erie duly note the dire road-linked statistics and ongoing behind-the-wheel challenges that routinely confront individuals from across Northwestern Pennsylvania. Our legal team collectively brings many decades of on-point and aggressive advocacy to bear on behalf of clients and their families dealing with accident-linked personal injuries.

Those injuries are often owed to the above-described negligent driving behaviors of others. Proven attorneys can help victims take proactive and meaningful action that assigns accountability to wrongdoers and deters similar outcomes in the future.

Importantly, too, victims may be able to receive significant compensation for their injuries and losses. A recovery can secure needed funds for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation/therapy outlays, emotional distress and long-term support that might be necessary.

We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss the informed and passionate work we do to secure optimal legal outcomes for our valued clients and their loved ones. Schedule your consultation by calling us at 814-806-2518.

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