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Do grandparents have unfettered visitation rights in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Family Law

The bonds that generally exist between parents and their children are instantly conceived, immeasurably deep and enduring throughout life.

The same is often true concerning the relationship between a child and his or her grandparents. Millions of children’s lives are enriched by the loving presence and guidance of their own parents’ parents. Society largely perceives an intimate relationship between children and grandparents as being deeply valuable.

And in a reciprocal way. Legions of grandparents in Pennsylvania and nationally cherish the special role they play in their grandkids’ lives. For obvious reasons, they can feel easily threatened and even devastated by circumstances that arise to threaten the status quo and continuity of what is often their most special relationship.

That begs this fundamental question: When a family situation undermines the regularity and quality of grandparents’ time spent with grandkids, can grandparents insist upon visitation rights?

The answer to that question in Pennsylvania and other states is uniformly that, while grandparents can petition a family law court for visitation, they do not command any automatic rights concerning the subject matter. A judge overseeing a visitation request will be guided by multiple enumerated factors set forth by statute and in relevant case law. The paramount principle and guiding yardstick in any visitation-linked matter is always focused upon the outcome that will best promote the interests of affected children.

Of course, a court will also consider the interests of all other involved parties as well. Given that, it can be flatly imperative for grandparents seeking visitation rights to secure counsel from a proven family law legal team with a demonstrated record of strong client advocacy in custody/visitation matters.

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