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How hiring a bulldog lawyer can affect your current relationships

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Firm News

Divorces are the most popular cases in which either side may hire a “bulldog” attorney in Pennsylvania. These lawyers are known for being overly aggressive in the courtroom in their attempts to get as much out of the settlement as possible for their clients. Since divorces arguably have some of the most emotionally driven cases, you often see many of them practice family law.

However, bulldog attorneys are known for being more harmful than helpful in a case. Their rude behavior and poor conduct can lead to several penalties, which could lead the court to favor your ex over you as they determine the asset division. Unfortunately, this bad legal representation can also cause several repercussions with your family and social life going forward.

Your ex

Even if you and your ex-spouse no longer love each other as you once did, you shouldn’t try to hate you during the process. Even if you’re not on the best speaking terms, you will still have to communicate with them frequently in the process of filing for divorce, dividing your assets and moving out. Hiring someone to verbally attack them in the courtroom only makes it harder for both of you.

If you want to remain friends with your spouse after the divorce, there’s even less reason to hire a bulldog lawyer. A recent story on The Philadelphia Inquirer highlights a former couple that are still friends with each other after going through a collaborative divorce. One of their lawyers claims one of the reasons her collaborative divorces succeed is because she doesn’t go to court “like a bulldog.”

Your child

In the event that the court requests your child to testify at a custody hearing, you and your ex’s attorneys will question them on their preference. If your attorney displays any rude or aggressive behavior, your child may start questioning the type of people you choose to associate with.

Additionally, straining your relationship with your ex will also affect your kid. Your ex’s future interactions with you and your child may cause the kid to pick up signs on how your relationship has deteriorated further, which makes the post-divorce adjustment for them even more difficult.

Other friends and family

If you make your divorce a public matter, more people will become aware of your hiring decision. Whether they pick it up in the courtroom, the court records or interactions with your ex, they might not see you the same way again. If you were hoping to maintain connections with certain friends or family members you gained in Pennsylvania during your marriage, you might have to make more of an effort now.

You need a calm, experienced divorce attorney that can help you prepare the case while trying to avoid driving a wedge between you and your colleagues. Regardless of the state your relationship with your ex, you need a strategy to help you with your case, not aggression.

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