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What “uniquely American phenomenon” is driving unmanageable debt?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Bankruptcy, Firm News

A recent national article spotlighting the headline-noted scourge above supplies a simple two-word explanation for what is pushing millions of Americans toward financial ruin.

That is this: medical debt.

Residents of other countries simply can not understand what has seemingly gotten so out of whack in the United States concerning the stark financial challenges confronting many Americans when they receive medical care. The referenced Atlantic piece stresses that the very prospect of having medical debt at all is “unfathomable in other developed countries.”

Well, it is a hard reality for legions of consumers in the United States, including in Pennsylvania. And when it personally hits home for an individual or family members, it can wreak devastating consequences.

Consider this: Reportedly, scores of millions of Americans have adverse entries on their credit reports relevant to medical care they received. Approximately 20% of the nation’s population has a past-due medical bill to contend with. And, most notably, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stresses that medical bills “are the most common cause of unpaid bills sent to collection agencies.”

None of that information surprises proven and compassionate debt-relief attorneys. At the Quinn Law Firm in Erie, our legal team routinely works with valued and diverse clientele struggling with medical costs that caught them by surprise or simply turned out to become staggeringly high.

We routinely impart to individuals and families that rely on us to provide optimal legal service and fully promote their best interests, that their financial challenges do not need to become to a life sentence. Strategies do exist to pare down debt and enable a return to normalcy.

One of those is the time-honored and constitutionally referenced tool of bankruptcy. We note on our website that pursuing a meaningful remedy through bankruptcy “can provide a way back to financial security and stability.”

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how a bankruptcy filing can promote financial healing and allow clients to secure a fresh start in life.  Please contact us for a free consultation by calling 814-806-2518.


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