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Make the most of your visitation time

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | child custody, Firm News

One of the most difficult tasks we have to perform during the divorce process is to help our clients negotiate child custody agreements and visitation schedules. Texas parents want to spend time with their children, and the fact that our clients at Woodley & Dudley are going through divorces does not change that fact. 

You probably would probably have many conflicting emotions and demands on your attention if you were going through a divorce. We often find that focusing on lasting solutions helps alleviate some of this short-term stress for our clients, especially when it comes to deciding the future of children. 

What many of our clients do not realize at first is that it is possible to make the most of even a relatively limited visitation schedule. The Sixth Circuit Court of Florida offers a good general list of visitation tips that are useful in any jurisdiction:

  • Plan for the visit, but do not feel necessary to hold your children to a specific plan
  • Communicate respectfully with the other parent as much as possible
  • Be punctual, but be flexible if the other parent is late
  • Try to establish a schedule to contribute to a sense of normalcy

While we strive to use strategies that result in manageable long-term solutions for our divorce clients, there are other ways you might gain the time you need with your children. In the case that you had done everything possible and your current visitation schedule still did not seem to be sufficient, you would potentially be able to modify the terms of your divorce agreement. Please continue on our main site for more information.

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