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What's a collaborative divorce?

You might have heard the terminology "collaborative divorce" and have been immediately put off by the thought that you and your ex could ever see eye-to-eye on anything. You may be especially skeptical about the prospect that you could ever reach an amicable resolution to something as emotionally-charged as the end to your marriage.

In case you're unfamiliar with the terminology "collaborative divorce," it's a type of alternative dispute resolution that's become increasingly popular in the last few years. It's grown in popularity because it allows couples an opportunity to reach a settlement in their divorce outside of the courtroom and instead at the table with their ex and their respective attorneys.

Roar on the Shore is coming. Don't ruin it with a DUI.

With Fourth of July celebrations behind us, motorcyclists here in Erie and throughout Northwest Pennsylvania and the surrounding region are turning their attention toward the premier motorcycle event of the year: the Roar on the Shore.

Tens of thousands of motorcyclists and their friends will ride into Erie for the 11th annual bike week, which runs from July 12-16. The week will feature scheduled rides, concerts, and other fun events.

Home fireworks injuries are more common than mass disasters

You sit down with your family to watch the fireworks, and you're suddenly worried. What if something goes wrong? Fireworks are, after all, explosives. What if one falls into the crowd or goes off at the wrong time? It may be fun to watch fireworks, especially around the Fourth of July, but are you putting your family at risk?

These types of disasters do happen. For example, there was a case where a shell was defective, and it blew up too soon. Inside the shell were rockets, designed to be fired off over the crowd. Those rockets, along with a lot of shrapnel, showered into the crowd. A total of 39 people were hurt.

Dealing with Father's Day as a divorced dad

Father's Day can be one of the most difficult holidays for divorced dads. The first Father's Day after the divorce can be particularly challenging, especially if the dad isn't the custodial parent. He may not feel worthy of celebration. He may not even be able to get to be with his kids for the day.

If you're able to have your kids for the full day, consider yourself fortunate. Make the most of it. Do things that your kids will enjoy. Make the day a memorable one for them. Is there a Major League Baseball game in your area? How about a theatre production or a movie they'd like to see? If the kids are a little older and would like to plan the day, let them. It's important to memorialize the day with lots of photos that your kids can keep.

Beware of accumulating more debt prior to bankruptcy

You've made the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Perhaps you and your attorney have set the wheels in motion. A question that many people have is what they can continue to spend money on when they have a pending bankruptcy case without jeopardizing it. It may be tempting to make a few last luxury purchases, but don't do it.

Any large non-essential purchases with anything other than cash or a debit card within the months or even as long as a year prior to a bankruptcy filing may be seen as fraud. Simply don't increase your debt unless it's necessary.

What you need to do after an accident

The immediate aftermath of a car accident will bring a rush of adrenaline, stress and confusion. After you gather your wits, you will then likely face a flood of questions. Are you seriously hurt? Is your car totaled? Will you have to miss work? How much will all of this cost?

If you were hurt in an accident by a negligent driver and you wish to pursue compensation for your lost wages and medical bills, there are a few simple steps you can take after your accident to protect your rights and options.

Simple ways to save that can keep you out of serious debt

People don't always get to the situation where they have to file for bankruptcy because of one large, unexpected bill. Sometimes it's a lot of bills that add up to the point where they're simply not able to pay them.

One key to preventing serious debt is planning for the unexpected. Another is budgeting for large annual payments.

Can an addicted parent retain custody of the kids?

Northwestern Pennsylvania has seen its share of casualties from the opiate epidemic just like the rest of the country.

The problem is so bad that last year advocates for child welfare petitioned state leaders to appoint a task force to focus on the unique issues facing the children of addicted parents.

Filing bankruptcy might provide you relief from your debts

As we recently discussed, medical bills are one factor that can lead Americans to file for bankruptcy. This is something that many people don't realize. Most bankruptcy cases don't have anything to do with people being irresponsible with their money. Instead, circumstances, such as a job loss or an illness, lead to the need for debt relief.

We know that you are probably a financially responsible person. This doesn't mean that you won't ever need to seek out help for your debts. In fact, bankruptcy is a good option to keep that financial responsibility going forward since it is a way that you can have a fresh financial start.

Why medical debt leads to financial disaster for many Americans

Anyone who's had a visit to the hospital or an emergency room can testify that the cost can be shocking -- even if they have insurance. When people don't have adequate savings to cover these unexpected medical costs, the financial ramifications can be serious.

It shouldn't be surprising that medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. According to a report by The New York Times, one-fifth of Americans under Medicare-qualifying age reported that they had experienced difficulty paying medical bills within the last year.