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Recalls of drop cribs: What you need to know

As a parent, your No. 1 priority is the safety of your child.You want to ensure that every product you purchase keeps your child safe, and does not pose a danger to them. It can be frightening to learn that a familiar product is implicated in the injuries of thousands of infants, as well as several deaths. You might be surprised to hear that drop-side cribs are one such product, and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a complete ban on the manufacture, sale, or even donation of this product.

Drop-side crib recalls

Should I settle for a plea bargain?

Plea bargains are very rare globally, but very common here in the U.S. In fact, around 90 percent of all criminal cases are settled by plea bargaining. It offers some benefits to both sides, both the prosecution and the defense. However, some people argue that the scale of justice is what really suffers.

This blog provides a brief overview into some of the most common advantages of plea bargains as a defendant, so you can better understand how a plea bargain might or might not help you.

Ademption and abatement

Abatement occurs in a situation when an estate is too small to deal with the administration expenses and creditor's claims alone that would occur. This means that a process of allocating the scarce resources that do exist has to take place. The process of doing this is called abatement.

This blog will be consist of a brief overview of the process of abatement, what the steps in the process are and what challenges might occur.

When can I modify my custody and visitation plan?

Determining child custody and visitation is typically one of the most contentious, emotional parts of any divorce. No parent wants to give up having their child spend every night under their roof. Because of the raw feelings surrounding the divorce, parents also typically do not want to give their ex the satisfaction of getting to spend more time with the children.

However, even if you feel like you were on the “losing” end of a custody and visitation determination, it is important to remember that the custody order issued by the judge is not necessarily permanent. If your children are quite young as well, a lot is likely to change in the coming years until the children turn 18. Their needs, your needs and your ex’s needs and circumstances are all likely to change at some point.

What to do when involved in a hit-and-run accident

There are a host of different laws in place for drivers that are involved in motor vehicle accidents. In order to keep within the law, you must follow a certain procedure. In general, a person involved in an accident must stay at the scene after the incident occurs. This is in order to make sure that everyone at the scene gets the appropriate medical attention, and so that they can give statements to the police when they arrive.

However, if someone hits a car and thinks that he or she is in the wrong, it is possible that the driver will panic and decide to flee the scene. This is an illegal act, and is most commonly known as a "hit and run."

What are punishments for drug-related crimes in Pennsylvania?

While medicinal marijuana has been legalized as a way of treating certain medical conditions in Pennsylvania, the possession of the drug for recreational use has not. Instead, it remains one of the many drugs, like meth and cocaine, that can easily land you in jail if you're caught in possession of it.

In Pennsylvania, drug crimes are sentenced differently depending on a number of factors including which and how much of the drug you were alleged to have been in possession of.

What happens if I’ve been prescribed a drug that is unsafe?

It is very common in the U.S. for prescription drugs to be subject to legal suits. There is always some risk of any prescription drug being potentially harmful. But sometimes it can be proven that with enough testing, harm caused by a drug could have been avoided.

This blog will provide a brief overview of what the law says about unsafe pharmaceutical drugs and liability.

When do I need to start estate planning?

Almost no one likes to think about estate planning, and why should they? Who wants to think about the end of their life, or what they want to do if they cannot speak for themselves? This is one of the reasons why so many people put off estate planning. Others think they have plenty of time, and that they will get around to it in the future.

In fact, according to a recent survey, only four in 10 adults have an estate plan. While 81 percent of people age 72 and older have an estate plan in place, only 22 percent of people between the ages of 18-36 and 36 percent of people between the ages of 37-52 have an estate plan. For millennials and Gen Xers who may have children under 18, not having an estate plan can create a great deal of uncertainty if the unthinkable happens.

What is the law in Pennsylvania on assault?

Pennsylvania has two main categories of assault recognized in court: simple assault and aggravated assault. This blog will briefly define what these terms mean, what factual circumstances are sufficient to form these charges, and what the sentences consist of.

If you have any uncertainties about your situation, it is important to seek legal guidance so that your case can be fully assessed.

Avoid losing your home due to financial hardships

Financial difficulties can be stressful, and if you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, losing your home may be a possibility. Having your home taken away due to a failure to make mortgage repayments is called foreclosure under the law.

This blog is a brief overview of how it's possible to take matters into your own hands and take steps to prevent foreclosure.