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Posts tagged "Family Law"

When is it time to change a custody and visitation order?

A custody and visitation order is an essential part of your family life after a separation or divorce. The matter is challenging and delicate. Finalizing the agreement was no easy feat: It took time, serious consideration and compromise from both you and the other parent.

Four tips if you are expecting a child custody battle

Child custody battles often happen when parents cannot agree and will not accept a compromise. For instance, both parents want sole custody, and neither one will agree to a joint custody plan that keeps them both involved. In the end, the court will likely have to rule to decide where the kids will live.

Regaining Custody of Your Child in Pennsylvania

Going through the loss of the custody of your child is a heart-breaking process. As a parent, it can be traumatic because it is something that you probably felt powerless to prevent. Whatever the reason for you losing custody of your child, it is important to remember that situations change, and when they do, it is possible and very realistic to gain back custody.

Is joint custody good for my child?

It is becoming an increasingly popular trend in both Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States to award joint custody to parents. This is because the courts usually see it as beneficial for a child to have good relationships with both parents.

What are some of the advantages of mediation and a collaborative divorce?

The day that you and your spouse plan to split up is drawing ever closer. You have been looking into your divorce options, and you're interested in mediation. You want to know what advantages it holds over going to court.