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Common places for aggravated assault arrests

Plenty of Pennsylvanians have seen their fair share of brawls. One incident could lead to another until the police show up to arrest one or both of the fighters. According to the FBI, Pennsylvania had over 20,000 aggravated assault cases in 2016, which was the 8th highest amount in the nation. While it may not have one of the highest rates due to the state’s large population, it does still demonstrate that a significant amount of people face aggravated assault charges annually.

The different types of assault charges in Pennsylvania

If you have been accused of assault, the consequences that you face will depend largely on the type of assault you were accused of and the circumstances surrounding the alleged event. In order to defend yourself successfully, it is important that you first take the time to understand how the crime is prosecuted.

New Pennsylvania law seals records for some convicts

Many social observers say that criminal penalties for minor crimes have been too high for too long. The sentences for many petty offenses, especially ones connected to violence or drug use, can include years in prison. In addition, convictions or even charges alone can limit people's professional and financial options.

How locations play a critical role in snowmobile DUI charges

Something that a lot of people do not realize is that the police are on the lookout for any vehicle with a driver that could be under the influence. Winter is an especially dangerous time not just because of the holidays in the earlier months in the season, but because drunk motorists would have an especially tough time navigating excessive snow and ice covering the streets.

Can the Castle Doctrine be used as a defense for violent crimes?

Violence is never a recommended way to solve a problem, but it can be the only way out of a dangerous situation under Pennsylvania law. Nearly every jurisdiction recognizes a person's right to self-defense, while the Keystone State also features a clause that can keep criminal charges away from certain people who felt the need to use violence.

Understanding the self-defense laws of Pennsylvania

All states make allowances in the law for using force -- even potentially deadly force -- against another person if it's believed necessary to prevent serious harm to themselves or other people, and even to protect property. These are generally referred to as self-defense laws. Let's take a look at Pennsylvania's self-defense laws.

How can drunk driving charges against me be dropped?

If we want our roads and sidewalks to be safe, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is always a bad idea. A drunk driver is far more likely to be involved in an accident and, for that matter, injure himself or herself than a sober driver. For this reason, police aggressively seek to identify, arrest and charge alleged drunk drivers -- while enforcing Pennsylvania drunk driving laws. Nevertheless, just because a police officer accused you of drunk driving doesn't mean that you were actually guilty of the offense.

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