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3 common causes of child custody disputes

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | child custody

Most parents who go through a divorce are always worried about losing parental rights. Fortunately, this may not be easier as believed. The court makes decisions in a child’s best interest. And it may want the child to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents unless their safety is threatened. 

However, despite the court doing this, parents may be allowed to present claims to support their interests, especially when they have disagreements regarding custodial rights.

Here are three common causes of disputes during a child custody case:

Parenting style

Most parents have different parenting styles, but they find ways to apply them. However, when one parent believes the other’s is not right, they may bring it up during the child custody case. They may argue that the other parent is not responsible or may neglect the child, and so on.

Criminal activity

A parent who is charged with a crime during a child custody case may conflict with the other. The latter may view this as an irresponsible conduct, and can use it to ask for sole custody. 


Some parents may have unresolved issues from the divorce that they may bring into the child custody case. They may have a desire for revenge and may make accusations that will lead to disputes. However, the court will conduct a thorough investigation before giving an order.

This approach may not only harm the accused parent, but also the kids. If a parent prevents kids from spending time with the other parent, they may miss out on a lot. Further, it can be stressful for a child to feel like they need to pick sides.

Child custody disputes can arise from the above-mentioned factors and more. If you are in one, you may need to learn your legal options to defend your parental rights. 

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