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Do you and your ex have what it takes to be effective co-parents?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | child custody

Deciding to walk away from your relationship is sometimes the best decision you can make. People who have children together may try to work things out for the kids, but this might not be possible. If you’re splitting up, you have to ensure that you’re doing what’s best for the children.

Some adults choose to co-parent, which is a parenting style that enables them both to have a primary role in the child’s life. Both parents have to work closely with each other. There are times when it will be difficult but this can be a rewarding experience for many. 

Traits of a good co-parenting relationship

In order for the co-parenting relationship to work, there are some very specific traits that must be present. These are just the minimum traits necessary for the arrangement:

  • An ability to focus on the children: The only focus must be what’s best for the children. How the decisions affect you or your ex doesn’t matter.
  • An ability to leave the past alone: The factors that caused the romantic relationship to end don’t matter now. Work on being the best co-parent you can be without holding onto anger toward your ex.
  • An ability to set and maintain boundaries: You and your co-parent both need boundaries. These should be clearly set and upheld by everyone.
  • An ability to communicate effectively: Never try to pass messages through the children. Instead, you and your co-parent must work together, even when there are difficult matters to discuss.

Making sure that you have your parenting plan in place helps the children to thrive. You may have to think outside of the box to come up with terms for this agreement. Give the team at Quinn Law firm a call at 814-806-2518 to discuss your case. 

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