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Stakes get higher for drivers accused of repeat DUIs

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Any drunk driving accusation carries the risk of penalties and disruptive consequences. However, certain factors could make these repercussions even harsher.

One such factor is having multiple drunk driving offenses on your record. And with the recent passage of Deanna’s Law in Pennsylvania, drivers should know just how much can be on the line in these situations.

What changes with Deanna’s Law?

Deanna’s Law, which goes into effect in November, will change the penalties for some drivers who get at least three DUIs.

Per the legislation, someone convicted of three DUIs must serve consecutive sentences for separate counts versus concurrent sentences. This change lengthens the amount of time a person spends incarcerated.

Additionally, drivers with drugs or a high blood alcohol content can face increased grading and penalties if it is their fourth DUI conviction.

Important takeaways 

Every driver knows that they should not drink and drive, but people make mistakes. Further, some people struggle with addiction and abuse, which can put them at greater risk of getting multiple DUIs. 

Thus, while it may seem like pleading guilty to one DUI may be the best way to put a mistake behind you, that conviction follows you. If you repeat that mistake sometime in the future, the penalties you face will be increasingly harsh.

That said, no matter how many convictions a driver has, it can be crucial to challenge elements of a DUI charge, including:

  • Unlawful searches
  • Improper stops
  • Inaccurate testing devices
  • Wrongful test administration procedures

Successfully contesting these components could mean dismissal of charges or reduced sentences.

DUIs can take a tremendous toll on your life. Therefore, taking every charge seriously is essential. If you are in this difficult position, you can talk to our attorneys at the Quinn Law Firm by calling 814-806-2518. We can discuss your case, possible defense and what you can do to protect your rights.

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