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3 risks caused by out-of-town boaters on Lake Erie

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Personal Injury

Summer on Lake Erie is fun, but it comes with risks. One potential danger comes in the form of boaters who are on vacation and unfamiliar with the area. These out-of-towners can pose a threat to even the most seasoned boater in a few ways. 

The perils of boaters “on vacation”

People who are on vacation typically let their guards down. They do things they may not do otherwise, including breaking the law or taking serious risks with their safety.

For instance, boaters on vacation may be more likely to:

  • Drink while boating
  • Get distracted
  • Have too many people onboard
  • Drive too fast
  • Operate or allow others to operate a boat without experience

These risks are entirely preventable, but unfortunately, people still take them when they are in so-called vacation mode.

Breaches of basic navigation rules

Operating a boat requires complying with basic navigation rules to avoid collisions. These rules help boaters safely:

  • Overtake other vessels
  • Meet other vehicles head-on
  • Cross in front of other boats

Further, people who are not regular boaters may not know what different markers mean, like buoys, lights and beacons. They might not observe a safe speed, or they could fail to have a proper lookout. 

Lacking this knowledge can create dangerous situations for everyone on the water, including those who comply with safe operating practices.

Lost and confused 

In addition to being impaired and unprepared, some boaters can get very confused on the water. They might get lost or make mistakes with operating a boat that result in catastrophic accidents. 

Inexperienced boaters might also be confused about wearing life jackets, signaling to other vessels or how to stay safe while swimming, skiing or wakeboarding.

All of these factors can make crashes more likely and injuries more severe. 

Taking action after a crash

If you or someone you love is in a boating accident on Lake Erie this summer, you may have legal recourse to hold a negligent or reckless party liable. You can call 814-806-2518 to speak with an attorney at the Quinn Law Firm to discuss your case and possible legal remedies. 

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