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Resolutions that can keep you safer behind the wheel in 2022

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

As we enter 2022, now is a time when people often make resolutions to have a better year than last year. While many resolutions can be complicated or ambitious, some are simple and straightforward, like being a safer driver.

We should be driving safely every day, but we all have room to improve. Thus, making the following resolutions can help make 2022 safer.

Resolution: Always have a backup plan if you are out drinking.

Every driver knows that drunk driving is dangerous and causes too many car crashes in Pennsylvania. This year, you can commit to refraining from driving after drinking or if you are impaired by drugs.

For most people, finding alternative ways to get home is relatively easy and inexpensive. There are ride-share apps, friends who can give rides and public transportation to help you get home if you are buzzed or intoxicated.

Resolution: Slow down and keep your composure.

Driving can be stressful, particularly if someone is late, angry, scared or anxious. Under these circumstances, any delay or driver in the way can make a person lash out and become aggressive and threatening behind the wheel, which can be incredibly dangerous.

If you find yourself in this situation, being patient can make all the difference. Take some deep breaths, slow down and consider pulling over if you need to. Reaching your destination safely is more important than getting there quickly.

Resolution: Get back to basics.

After driving for years, people can get complacent. They might have developed bad habits or gotten away with taking risks so much that they forget what they are doing is unsafe or illegal.

This year, getting back to the basics can be crucial. You can start with:

  • Obeying speed limits
  • Practicing defensive driving
  • Using turn signals
  • Giving other drivers space
  • Sharing the road responsibly with pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Following traffic laws

Over time, these protocols can fall away as people get comfortable driving. Brushing up on them now can be a valuable resolution.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, last year saw a troublingly high number of fatal car crashes in the U.S. These resolutions can help you overcome bad habits and behaviors behind the wheel, making 2022 safer for everyone on the road.

If you get hurt in an accident with someone who didn’t resolve be a safer driver, you can contact The Quinn Law Firm at 814-806-2518 to explore your legal options.

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