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Think twice before saying these 4 things during your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Family Law

Words matter when it comes to family legal disputes. However, it’s not just the words that courts, lawyers or mediators consider that can affect the outcome of matters like divorce. The things that divorcing spouses say can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of their divorce.

Avoiding some common statements can speak volumes when it comes to negotiating a settlement of your divorce.

  1. “You can have whatever you want.” Some people feel guilt or shame over their divorce and may feel tempted to give the other party whatever they want. However, both parties have the right to a fair settlement and equitable division of assets. Thus, refraining from making premature promises over property can be wise until you talk to an attorney.
  2. “You’ll never get custody.” Angry parents might threaten to keep their kids away from each other during a contentious split. However, in most cases, both parents will share custody. And misconduct like refusing to let your kids see the other parent can influence a judge’s decision regarding formal custody determinations.
  3. Any type of false allegation. Violence and infidelity can be a part of many divorces. And when they are, they can affect everything from how parties resolve disputes to who gets custody of a child. However, when a person makes these allegations when they are not true, it has the potential to create more problems for themselves and risk getting into serious trouble.
  4. Angry outbursts or threats. Divorcing spouses may not like or trust each other. However, yelling at each other, making threats or otherwise taking your anger out on them can damage your image in the eyes of judges, your friends, and, most importantly, your children. Such outbursts can make a person seem violent and volatile. Courts will not view this favorably.

When you can refrain from these statements and others like them, you put yourself in a better position to get the desired outcome.

You can also leave the communications involving your ex up to lawyers like those at The Quinn Law Firm. You can call us at 814-806-2518 to discuss your case and possibly stop yourself from saying something that could jeopardize your rights in a divorce.

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