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Parents: Do you have one of these recalled inclined sleepers?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Personal Injury

Inclined sleepers have been hugely popular with parents of infants. However, the risks of these products have been known for months, during which time tens of thousands of inclined sleepers remained on the market.

To address this, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued recalls for multiple models of inclined sleepers made by different companies.

Details of the recalls

The CPSC recalled over 165,000 inclined sleepers. The specific models are:

    • The SwaddleMe By Your Bed inclined sleeper by Summer
    • The Pillo Portable Napper inclined sleeper by Evenflo
    • Beautyrest Beginnings Incline Sleeper with Adjustable Feeding Position for Newborns and other branded versions by Delta Enterprise Corp.
    • Little Lounger Rocking Seat by Graco

If you have these products, you should check the CPSC website immediately to determine if your model number is among those included in the recall.

If you do have a defective product, you can call or contact the company through their website to get a refund. Even if you have a model that is not included in this recall, it can be wise to stop using any inclined sleeper right away.

Why are inclined sleepers so dangerous?

Inclined sleepers may seem like a lifesaver, especially when they are the only place a baby will sleep. However, while they may be soothing, they endanger infants in many different ways.

Babies can roll over in them, which can lead to suffocation if a baby does not have the strength or ability to lift or move his or her head. Similarly, a baby pressing his or her face against the fabric on the sides of the sleeper can suffocate.

Another serious risk is the fact that a baby’s head can fall forward when he or she is sleeping in an inclined position. In some cases, this can cut off a baby’s airway and restrict oxygen flow, which could result in death.

Ideally, defective and unsafe products would never make it to the shelves. However, many do and removing them as soon as possible is essential. This is especially crucial when it comes to products designed for infants. Tragically, these recalls do not always happen quickly enough to prevent death or serious injury. In such cases, parents may want to assess their legal options.

If you have experienced an injury due to a defective or unsafe products, contact the Quinn Law Firm at 814-806-2518 to find out what we can do to help.

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