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Estate pitfalls can be avoided through timely, tailored planning

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Estate Planning

Although a recent in-depth article written by industry insiders spotlighting estate administration touches on many points, its bottom-line message for would-be planners is both pointed and simple.

That is this: Count on challenges to arise down the road for heirs and loved ones in the event you don’t engage in timely planning, or happily dismiss the likelihood of such obstacles occurring if you did.

That’s pretty direct, right? And obvious, too, which is comforting for legions of individuals and families in Pennsylvania and nationally who see estate planning as akin to something like advanced mathematics.

The authors of the above-cited piece stress that, when attended to in a timely and tailored way, estate planning can be much ado about nothing. All material goals can be promoted and safeguarded when procrastination is avoided and a planner takes the opportunity “to sit down with an estate planning attorney.”

Indeed, there can be a lot to consider, but planners should remember to take a breath and simply attend to the required elements. The legal team at the established Quinn Law Firm in Erie routinely interacts with diverse and valued clients in a relaxed and goal-promoting environment that helps planners fully identify what is important. When that becomes clear, we help Pennsylvania residents thoroughly address material planning concerns through careful crafting and periodic updates that sometimes become necessary owing to significant life changes.

You might want to peruse the aforementioned article, which lists a number of topics that spell out frequent concerns – as well as opportunities to consider and act upon – for planners. And, of course, you can supplement that scrutiny by personally visiting a proven estate planning firm for on-point and detailed guidance. To learn more, please contact a Quinn Law Firm estate planning attorney by calling 814-806-2518.

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