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Is the litigation tide turning against Johnson & Johnson in product liability cases?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Our website stresses what we think is an obvious point concerning consumer goods. Our team of product liability attorneys states that, “Manufacturers, merchants and installers of products are expected to take reasonable precautions to protect people who will buy and use those products.”

Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. And when it doesn’t, things can go terribly wrong for good-faith consumers.

This has reportedly been the case with legions of people across the country who have trusted and routinely used Johnson & Johnson talc products over the years, especially the company’s top-selling baby powder.

That product has unquestionably raked in a nearly incalculable amount of money for the multinational conglomerate over the years.

And it has just as unquestionably led to claims by many thousands of users that the talc in J&J’s products has featured particles of asbestos, a known cancer-promoting mineral. Reportedly, more than 13,000 women have filed lawsuits in the United States alleging material injury from their use of J&J products containing talc. Much of the litigation links talc use with the development of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma (another type of cancer tied to asbestos).

Johnson &Johnson has strenuously denied assertions that talc causes cancer, although the company’s official take is clouded by evidence from an internal J&J memo that directly notes the possibility.

J&J is unquestionably unnerved by the massive number of product liability lawsuits confronting it, coupled with the payout risks linked with adverse jury verdicts.

Those have already materialized. A jury panel awarded 22 plaintiffs a stunning $4.7 billion in one case concluded last year, and earlier this month another jury awarded a woman diagnosed with mesothelioma more than $29 million in damages.

Injuries from defective injuries scarcely – if ever – occur absent third-party negligence. If you have questions or concerns regarding a product liability matter, please contact a personal injury attorney at the Quinn Law Firm at 814-806-2518 for a free consultation.

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