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Don’t fall victim to debt relief scams

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Bankruptcy, Firm News

It is widely known that many of our nation’s citizens struggle daily with insurmountable debt. In most cases, these people did nothing wrong. Life circumstances and sometimes even bad luck may contribute to financial difficulties. They may have lost a job or had to shut down a struggling business. However, once debt occurs, we all know that the right help is critical to overcoming the hardships created by high amounts of debt.

While bankruptcy is a valid and typically effective option, most people try to avoid this solution. During our years of serving Pennsylvania residents, we have seen far too many fall prey to scams revolving around debt relief. Even when it sounds too good to be true, some people need relief so badly that they convince themselves that the program is both reputable and effective.

We want you to understand that an attorney can help even when you feel filing bankruptcy is out of the question. One of the ways we accomplish this is by advising debt-strapped individuals who are looking for financial relief outside of bankruptcy. For example, we can help you investigate any debt relief, credit counseling or credit repair programs that should be on your short list of potential solutions. This empowers you to recognize debt relief scams and avoid worsening an already difficult financial situation.

Attorneys who practice bankruptcy law have a great deal of knowledge to share with those in financial trouble. Along with brainstorming with you for a viable solution, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine when bankruptcy may indeed be your best solution. Review the information posted on our website regarding debt relief options and solutions.  if you need additional assistance, we are here to help.  Contact us at 814-806-2518 for a free consultation.


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